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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Childish, But Fun: The 1996 Version of Restonian

Here's what our filthy "web log" would have looked like back in 1996, before there were "web logs" in the first place. Be sure to turn up your computer machine's sound and scroll to the bottom for the maximum effect, kthanks.


  1. Dear Restonian Editorial staff,

    I would like to propose, however, that you use your idle time to scrub graffitti off of RCC instead of constructing webpages that assault my visual and auditory senses.


    The Convict


  3. I was laughing until I found it was anti-PC. And not in the Ms. Anonymous-Troll-Who-Thinks-Everything-is-Racist-Sheesh-What-a-Maroon kind of way. Among other things it wanted to install Quicktime on my computer, which is about the most horrible application known, to me as well as any of you godforsaken mortals.

    Quicktime eats at Macaroni Grill.

    But funny. Love that nasty green and the gifs. I'd be really impressed with an ASCII version, because that would express the true original meaning of Reston.


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