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Friday, February 26, 2010

This and That: A Random Sloth-Like Lumber Around Reston News

  • This year's Best of Reston honorees sound like the opening to a really, really bad joke: An imam, a rabbi, a chiropractor and a lumberjack? Seriously:
    Honorees include Imam Mohammed Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslims Society and Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk of the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation for building bridges between people of different faiths. Holly Norris was honored for providing compassionate service to the nation and community, and Emily Ward was recognized for her life-long commitment to education and childcare.
    Reston Historic Trust was honored for its role in preserving Reston's past and preparing for its future. Reston Heights hotels, Sheraton and Westin, were honored for incorporating care for those in need into corporate culture. The Virginia Spine Institute was honored for investing in the well being of the Reston community, and Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc., was honored for protecting Reston's natural resources.
    Also honored at the event were Fairfax County 2009 First Responder officers of the year, including police officer Eric Glueckert and firemen Ronald McNew and Craig Furneisen.
    Once again, Restonian must have narrowly missed making the cut. Good for them, and here's hoping they'll reach the $300,000 fundraising goal.

  • As expected, the Reston Master Plan Task Force has eschewed formal input from groups like Reston ARCH and the Reston's Citizens Association in favor of groups like the RA and the chamber of commerce. Teevee hosts are not happy about this! No need to feel left out, though, as the county has shared an extensive bibliography of land use materials. Happy reading!

  • Speaking of Reston 2020, the group is holding a meeting at 7 tonight at RA Headquarters. No word if there will be a quiz on the land use bibliography materials. And the Working Alliance of Town Center Homeowners (WATCH), the RCA of Reston's Fake Downtown, didn't want to be left out of all the strawman action of late, so they came up with some fancy development principles of their own.

  • Reston State Sen. Jan Howell introduced a bill to "ensure state and local police would not inquire into the immigration status of any person who reports that he is the victim, parent or guardian or cooperating witness in the investigation of a crime." Bet we know one locality that isn't happy about that! Meanwhile, Del. Ken Plum's bid to prohibit the use of phosphorus-based fertilizers on "lawns, golf courses, parks, and cemeteries" has been put on hold, presumably by the all-powerful lawn, golf course, park and cemetery lobby.

  • The Reston Zoo, our favorite place to see majestic African animals gambol amid the natural surroundings of particleboard McMansion backyards, has bought what's now known as the Gulf Breeze Zoo in Pensacola, Fla.

  • If you can figure out this story about Reston firm Box Design, you're smarter than us. All we know is it involves things called MACHOS and WIMPS.

  • Reston Interfaith is girding for cuts at a time when more people than ever are using its services. Nothing funny about this, though we do like using the word "girding." Meanwhile, Reston-based nonprofit Hopecam flew a bunch of radios to people in Haiti.

  • Another Reston company is poised to be the next, only for happy families. Are there any of those anymore?

  • Seeing as we're not afraid to smut things up a little, here's a touching story about young love in Reston.

  • Assuming you're not tired of the RA board elections, here's a link to all of the RA Board candidates' statements in some fancy "news paper."

  • Yay, the Lake Anne Nursey Kindergarten turned 45! Hopefully they've managed to graduate all of LANK's first class of five students by now, the end.


  1. I wonder if that happy family site is going to have an app that I can use on my mobile browser - which I can peak at at the dinner table during conversational lulls...

  2. You missed one. Salad joint Sweetgreen is looking to open a store in Reston.

    Elevation Burger may also be coming here late this year.

  3. Okay, that Happy Family site has cult written all over it.

  4. Elevation burger???? Well, there's another place to boycott. I've been to the place in Falls Church. The burgers aren't anything special and cooking french fries in olive oil is just wrong.


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