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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring Fashion Season Starts Early at Lake Anne

Forget those fancy elitist clothing stores like Anthropologie and... um, the Gap, at Reston's fake downtown. Folks in the know come to Lake Anne for their fashion needs!

Check out these fancy runway shots from some high-end fashion event called the Reston Polar Plunge, which raised more than $48,000 to support Camp Sunshine. Coincidentally, that's about $47,999 more than the actual retail price of the clothes these folks wore:

Polar Dip - Camp Sunshine _90_.jpg
Frumpy matching nightgowns are sooo 2009.

Polar Dip - Camp Sunshine _72_.jpg
Nice and springlike. Makes us think of an Irish tape dispenser.

Polar Dip - Camp Sunshine _15_.jpg
We'll bet she had an udderly good time! Get it? Quick, someone take away our "web logging" license before we actually injure someone with our rapier wit.

Polar Dip - Camp Sunshine _63_.jpg
It's a shame synchronized uncontrolled flailing isn't a Winter Olympic sport.

Polar Dip - Camp Sunshine _76_.jpg
You heard it here first: Soon everyone will be walking around with garlands in their hair and upraised toilet plungers in hand.

Even more awesome photos, complete with wry commentary, are available on the Flickrs, but we couldn't figure out how to embed them. Stupid Internets.


  1. What the hell is wrong with ppl living in Lake Anne? Drinking the sewage from that polluted lake no doubt and eating their own dog food!

  2. Wow No.4 actually looks like he's standing on the water. I guess it was a really, really special event!

    PS: Anon. 9:52 Dude, why so cranky, it was for good cause.

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonFebruary 25, 2010 at 1:02 PM

    OK, just got to say it even if it is an atrocious pun.

    #2's costume is called an Erin Go Bra.

  4. Anon 9:52 has a point. Lake Anne, at least that part that they're jumping into, has always looked extra gross every time I've seen it. Charity's good and all, but I'd rather just write a check than dip myself in funk.

  5. Wow, these people look like a lot more fun than most of the stiffs I know in Reston. Sorry I missed it (though I wouldn't immerse myself in Lake Anne for love or money.)

  6. any news about a new restaurant opening at the old il cigno space??


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