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Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo Pfun: A Children's Treasury of Images from Reston's Big Dig

Yesterday, a bunch of people, and a few local politicians, fanned out across Reston with shovels and snowblowers and other fancy snow-movin' implements to help clear school buses and sidewalks in an effort to get their lumpen progeny off the couch kids out of the house and anywhere out of earshot back to school. But the "Big Dig" was all for naught, as Fairfax County Schools announced they were going to stay closed today anyway. Ha! The current plan is for schools to open on Tuesday with a delay, but that's only if there aren't any massive blizzard-like accumulations flurries today. Sunday night, the school system sent another groveling e-mail asking county residents to do their work for them and dig out more sidewalks today, so who knows.

Still, Sunday's dig wasn't a total waste. It reminded us -- seriously -- of our community's volunteer spirit. People also took lots of phun photos! Gather the kids around the computer, as you know they're just underfoot playing their XBoxes or whatever anyway:

If this guy hadn't shown up with his fancy snow-blower, schools would have been out until July.

Desperate folks near Sunrise Valley Elementary apparently created this graven image to worship some sort of capricious "sun god." We think it's time to take it to the next level and start sacrificing goats or something.

One bitchin' bobcat. With the funky backdrop of Terraset Elementary, this could make a great album cover for some '70s progressive rock band.

Shovel porn.

This kid turns his face to avoid being identified as a collaborator with the gathering forces conspiring to send him and his peers back to school.

There's really nothing funny to say about this picture, except to note that it's amazing that this was taken four full days after the last flake of snow had fallen, and these buses were still plowed in, and one of the most affluent, best-supported school systems in the country had to beg people to do something about it. And Fairfax County expected to be able to open schools today?


  1. If you want a sad commentary on the laziness of some of our neighbors, take a drive by the recycling containers at the Reston Soth Park and Ride. The first folks that starting dumping recycling materials on the ground were either too lazy to check the containers or did not feel like walking in the snow - which we ALL have to do ALL the time now. The lemmings that followed started piling things up as well. Now there is a huge pile of recycling materials and trash (someone even left a borken projection TV) in front of all the containers.

    When the containers are gone, we will know why. I know it is a stretch to say the folks this read this blog, but it felt good to call them out anyway!

  2. I forgot to mention that at least three of the containers were half empty. Hence the laziness of the folks to actually walk through the snow or check to see if there was space....

  3. sorry bud, it is not a bob-cat-

  4. Anon 11:23 is right. It's a Posi-Track. :) The guy rented it, spent his own money on gas and everything for it and helped plow out the schools. Pretty cool really. Course he joked that it was because he wanted to get his kids back to school (they attend Langston and South Lakes, which may be why he started moving snow there).


  5. What a joke that the Administration of FCS asked the help of parents. I am shocked that they did not make it mandatory for teachers to shovel!

  6. I can see the thousands of people helping... because when we needed the county the most, they dumped the job on VDOT.

  7. Frances Hartnett AngaraFebruary 15, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    IF VDOT had not shoved huge banks of snow over the already-shoveled sidewalks all around Reston and Herndon, maybe FCPS would not have to beg the community for help. Our children are going to be at risk for weeks, walking in the road along with the cars. High schoolers will be particularly vulnerable, as it is still dark when they head toward their bus stops.

  8. I blame Cananda!

  9. And this is what our rush to return to school gets us. Come on, folks. The kids only need to book 180 days and there are 365 in the year. What's 7-14 of those wasted on snow?

  10. Rod said: Was it a good deed media event? Maybe so if it was it was a good idea. Richard Chew , my old advisory who once asked me to resign from running and ended up fifth in a five way race six years or so ago, emerged as the leader of the event which was hard to organize. He greeted the local Democratic elected leaders who arrived like clockwork
    Anonymous said:
    So RA sends out a message - stressing that it is not an RA event but prominently naming three candidates in the upcoming elections. Is the board or some board member pushing these candidates? Now there's something the chew over. And if they are to what end?

    Reston politics is more fun than reality TV and just as transparent. If only we could vote them off after one TV season.

  11. I guess it doesn't matter that for some kids -- many kids -- that there is no safe route to walk to school, the schools are going to open anyway. So much for FCPS putting the safety of your children first.

  12. The plows finally made it to my less-sought-after South Reston street last night. I expected to find my truck plowed into an ice dam, but it was clear.

    Instead they plowed shut the school bus stop dug by the community-spirited. Some events are their own snide comments.

  13. It's actually a Cat Multi Terrain Loader. For all intent and's a bobcat. It would make a good album cover.


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