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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking: Partial Roof Collapse at Reston Apartment Complex

A "partial" roof collapse sounds a bit like being "a little bit pregnant," but that's what happened this morning at an apartment complex off South Lakes Drive in South Reston. Fortunately, it was just the crappy breezeway between several units that collapsed, so it could have been a lot worse:

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue units are on the scene of a partial roof collapse in a Reston apartment building this Tuesday morning.

Officials say they received the report of a possible cave-in at an apartment complex in the 2200 block of Lovedale Lane around 4:09 a.m. Dan Schmidt, spokesperson for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue says units arriving on scene found a partial roof collapse of a breezeway that connects apartment buildings, which also brought down a heating unit.

Schmidt says no one in the 3-story garden-style apartment building is in immediate danger. Nine apartments have been evacuated, however, due to lack of heat. Only one resident needed assistance from the Red Cross.
Update: Some exciting video from one of the local TV stations, if you consider dark and grainy shots of a roof that you can't tell has collapsed "exciting."


  1. Thanks for the scoop. That explains the hovering helicoptery noise I heard when leaving the house this morning.

  2. Anyone know which complex it was? Our condo (2237) is vacant but we're expecting a renter to move in next week!

  3. Kelly from SpringwoodFebruary 16, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Well, now we over in Springwood know what all those fire and hazmat trucks were doing out here this morning! I've been worried about the part of the roof where all our heat pumps are located. I keep hearing snow and ice should be cleared away from heat pumps, but I can't exactly get up on the roof to do it myself. I've been wondering if the mgmt co has been doing anything about that. (since Bristol house and Springwood are together, we have the same mgmt co) I hope no other roofs collapse because my family doesn't have anywhere to go if they do!

  4. Kelly from SpringwoodFebruary 16, 2010 at 9:21 AM

    It was Bristol House. I know because I used to live on Lovedale.

  5. Anon 9:17 -- It was unit 2229.

  6. Haha, if I had a rental I think I would just go check it out instead of posting, do you know which unit it was?


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