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Monday, January 4, 2010

On the YouTubes: We Watch the RA Videos So You Don't Have To

The Reston Association gives us all a late New Year's present with this, it's monthly "vi-deo" that all the kids will be putting on their iPods and PSPs and whatnot. Andy Sigle's dulcet tones calm us as the video opens with terrifying footage from last month's snowpocalypse. At whiplash speed, it then talks about indoctrinating students at South Lakes High School through something called "ethics day," where students and mentors presumably debated whether or not to paint their homes mauve. Then there's some stuff about the upcoming elections, and then Kathleen Driscoll McKee recreates a scene from Rear Window, using binoculars to spy on "birds" from the comfort of the Nature House. Our favorite part? While she talks about "living harmoniously with nature," the camera zooms in on a duck decoy, which are generally not used for harmonious coexistence, but rather various huntin' and shootin' activities. Finally, we learn about "senior movie day," which based on the marquee, involved seeing either 2012 or Paranormal Activity. Don't forget the nitroglycerin pills!

If this video is any indication, 2010 is gonna rock.


  1. RA is pitching events at the non-dues-paying RTC? Interesting. And - AND showcasing these over-the- hill scrags instead of our Dear Sarah whom they keep locked up in a closet and let out only to scrub their dirty floors! Your prince will come my dear...courage.


  2. I love it! Sitting in our nature house and making films about our recylced paper that we're printing brochures for. That's the vidio that convinced me in the middle of the night: I'm gonna run in a campaign that will blow the scocks off of old Reston! Robin, I'm gonna win!

  3. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonJanuary 5, 2010 at 9:46 AM

    Sort of ironic for Ethics Day to include a discussion of "civil discourse" at the venue of South Lakes High, home to last summer's most uncivil discourse on health care reform.

  4. Maybe the kids can go home and teach their parents how to behave in public and make ethical decisions?


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