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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Indoor Tennis: In North Reston, Cabin Fever Sets In


An alert North Reston resident sent us this shocking, Donner Pass-like picture of the Lake Newport tennis courts taken nearly TWO WEEKS after the snowpocalypse. She writes:
Was walking through the Lake Newport area and noticed the tennis courts are still a mess.

Cabin fever must be running rampant in North Reston!!
This won't be a problem when they're covered with a fancy plexiglass dome disappearing post and tenon beam framing, whatever that is.


  1. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)January 6, 2010 at 7:17 AM

    Great. Does this mean many more months of getting to sit and hear a vocal group of anti-recreational NIMBYs telling everyone who doesn't agree with them that they're "anti-Reston?" Nothing builds cohesive community spirit like stirring up more heated "us" vs. "them" issues. (Grabs popcorn). Good job, RA!

  2. Restonian

    you left out "mauve," can't forget mauve!

  3. BiCO:

    at the risk of running right into your "NIMBY" trap..what are you talking about? Are you referring to your fellow friends and neighbors who expressed concerns about our misquided RA Board who nearly handed over precious open space to Fairfax County for "anti-Reston"?
    Do you understand that the land (Browns Chapel Park - if that is what you are referring to) is owned collectively by you as a member of Reston Association and enjoyed as outdoor recreation by all Restonians? Or do you only define recreation as happening "indoors"? (Grabs coffee).

  4. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)January 7, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    No. I'm saying that there are two sides to every issue facing our community, and from my perspective the anti-rec center crowd didn't seem to want to permit the pro-rec center crowd any opportunity to express their points of view without guilt-tripping them into feeling like they were "against" Reston. There are numerous outdoor recreational opportunities in Reston to begin with. Where are Reston's public swimming/tennis facilities on days like today? I moved here shortly before this brou-ha-ha erupted so I abstained from any sort of participation since I didn't feel well-researched enough one way or the other to offer insight, but as an outside observer all I knew for certain is that the "pro"-rec center folks were made to feel like outcasts by the mob mentality of the NIMBYs. Whatever happened to civil dischord?

  5. BiCO:

    I think you just created a new word for the English language.

    Dischord: A lack of harmony in civil discourse.

  6. BiCO
    What you fail to grasp is that Browns Chapel is open space. Open recreational space needs to be preserved.

    Further, there are other places that could site the Rec Center.

    Further still, there was the notion of putting the $90 million dollar bill entirely on Reston, but it would be open to all Fairfax Co Residents.

    There are plenty of Rec Centers to go to on a day like to day anyways strting with the RCC at Hunters Woods.
    Herndon has a nice facility.
    I enjoy the one in Chantilly as well at Cub Run.

    It was not NIMBY-ism that destroyed the RCC/RA evil plan to destroy Brown's Chapel, it was a diverse group of people who wanted to preserve Brown's Chapel park.


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