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Monday, November 30, 2009

¿Donda Esta Compare Foods? Tall Oaks Supermarket Yet to Open

Picture 3.jpgAfter being scheduled to open on Nov. 20, Compare Foods, the awesome new international supermarket that's replacing Giant Bloom Fresh World at the Tall Oaks stucco wasteland shopping center remained shuttered on Sunday afternoon, the parking lot empty as ever, except for one lonely Compare Foods truck.

Meanwhile, one of our awesome commenters has continued the emerging tradition of digging up embarrassing documents about Reston-related personages and businesses by finding this charming chestnut about Compare's parent company:

In a lawsuit brought last year by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Compare Foods in North Carolina, the EEOC claimed the supermarket fired a white, non-Hispanic meat cutter due to its preference for employing Latino workers. Compare Foods has now agreed to settle the action, which alleges national-origin and race discrimination, for $30,000 as well as by agreeing to take certain preventative measures such as distributing a written anti-discrimination policy, providing its employees with Title VII anti-discrimination training, and informing its existing employees of the lawsuit and settlement.

According to the allegations of the Complaint, Compare Foods fired Robert Bruce not because of his job performance, but because of his race (white) and national origin (non-Hispanic), and replaced him with a Hispanic worker.

The settlement also requires Compare Foods to provide a positive letter of reference to any prospective employer of Mr. Bruce, describing him as "a reliable employee who possesses excellent skills as a butcher."
On the plus side, check out this commercial.

Discrimination = bad. "Susie de la Santos" = good. Those are some... well-stocked shelves.


  1. The commercial would be a lot better if she is/was wearing a bikini.

  2. They have a county stop work order posted on the door and dated October 30.


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