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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RA Assessment Hike Approved, Will Pay CEO's $172,182 Salary

As expected, during its board meeting last Thursday, the Reston Association Board approved the $24 hike in the annual assessment to 515 American dollars (approximately 3 Euros). But there's good news, as the Board will now monkey with the RA budget every year instead of every two years. Get ready for fun!

At the Nov. 19, 2009 meeting, the board of directors of the Reston Association approved the $13.4 million dollar budget and set the assessment rate at $515 for 2010.  The board also approved a resolution that provides the opportunity to review and revise the second year of the biennial budget cycle.  This will allow the board to address any administrative or policy initiatives that occur during the first year of the budget cycle.  Reston Association operates on a two-year budget cycle.
Sweet! Meanwhile, some of you monsters vigilant commenters have been poking around the RA's "Web site," where it has its tax documents on file (PDF). And guess who makes $172,182 a year, not counting benefits? That's right -- Milton Matthews, RA's CEO. CFO David J. Hopkins makes $135,894, while Larry Butler, the association's director of Parks & Recreation, makes $102,506. That'll buy a lot of pool passes.

We won't even mention that some company got paid $438,000 for "IT support," which presumably includes the RA's awesome "Web site." On the other hand, the RA reported $9.9 million in revenue from "membership dues" and $834 from "vending machines," which sounds funny until you realize that's about $833 more than this filthy "web log" made last year, the end.


  1. For less than half of Milton's salary Reston could build another dog park for our dogs.

  2. I would love another dog park..

  3. Agreed! More dog parks!

  4. agreed ... another dog park would be awesome...

  5. Mathews and Hopkins are both overpaid by about 15%.

    Given his length of service to RA, Butler is underpaid by at least 20%.

  6. Those salaries are outrageous!!

    And by what standard are these underpayments and over payments calculated?

    I thought that just about every sustainable reasonable business did away with "length-of-service" compensation.

    The tax-and-spend idiots on the board raise the assessment while property values continue to fall and reston gets hammered by foreclosures.

    NO THANKS being given to the RA here this year!

  7. Anon 6:36

    It's not a pure length of service analysis, it's that his length of service has enabled him to develop a refined and detailed understanding of how the numerous functions that he supervises serve and relate to the RA membership and the history fo those relationships.

    Mathews and Hopkins do not have those understandings and demostrate that ignorance almost everyday.

    The basis for the under and over payment observations is based on what their predecessors and others holding similar positions are paid.

  8. It's about one-fourth of what they pay the programmer who maintains their web site.

  9. I don't know if I mind paying Milton $172,000 a year. He's always very polite and very profeshional and will have a answer for you. And at least he isn't driving on the trails with RA trucks which breaks up the pavment that can often see on the edges. Maybe we could just have more getting Milton's pay scale but fewer of them? Quality instead of quanity. What if you could go into a changing room at the pools and not have a great big puddle on the floor? While we are at it do any know the sallery for controling the fifth tax district at RCC?

  10. Milton polite and professional? That douchebag does nothing!

    What kind of CEO allows to spend so much money and you don't see anything out there? What kind of CEO is this that instead of cutting costs, increases them year after year, even when there are new assesments coming in due to new developments? What kind of CEO tries to build an indoor recreation facility for FAIRFAX COUNTY, not exclusive to Restonians, to have others enjoy them? What kind of CEO can't improve the existing administration services to go out and look for a bigger space that is *not* needed? Tell me, how complicated can Reston be that his salary is so high? Seriously? What efficiencies has he brought? Too bad he didn't get the job in Columbia to get rid of him!

  11. There is a need for more conservatives on the RA Board.In the year 2000 when the conservatives controlled the Board The dues increase was 3% in good economy times.Now in bad economy times when the Liberals control the Board the dues increase is 5%

  12. So which ones are the conservatives? I have figured out that Mills an Muir definitely do not get my vote.


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