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Thursday, October 29, 2009

On the Twitters: Getting With the Program, Celebrity Sightings, and Feeling the Love

We might have to get one of those "cell telephones" everyone's talking about, because the Twitters are just scorching the airwaves with potentially cancer-causing 160-character transmissions about our beloved planned real estate development. Some of our favorites from the past week:

Pasted Graphic 3.jpg
Someone finally got with the program. Resistance is futile, you know.

Waiting in line for swine flu shots can be frustrating, but it allows time for a refresher of basic math skills.

Pasted Graphic-1.jpg
Another celebrity sighting! Reston's becoming the East Coast mecca for right-wing actors and asparagus-loving rockers.

Pasted Graphic-3.jpg
Good question! Maybe we'll see a press release about this in a week or never.

We know someone who's qualified on all fronts.

Sounds like someone who has one of those fancy "jobs" we keep hearing about.

Pasted Graphic-4.jpg
Our BFFs at scrapeware site are feeling the love from the local media.

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A play group? It's always nice to set up a time for the kids to get together and OH MY GOD THE ICON IT BURNS


  1. obama can not even handle getting flu shots to those that need them...why would amnyone want him to handle healthcare?

  2. Broke in Charter Oak (BiCO)October 29, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    Yada, yada, yada.

  3. Tweet this: RA Board of Directors Public Meeting on 2010/2011 Budget. 10 a.m. Saturday Oct 31 at RA HQ...

  4. loser,loser,loser.

  5. The Convict in the GulagOctober 30, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Why would anyone want him to handle healthcare? Well, my mother's Medicare and Medicaid seem to work pretty well -- and they're run by the goobs. Plus, I don't think the goobs can be any worse than the thieves in the insurance industry.

    What I don't understand, 12:59 Anon, is why you would want to maintain the status quo. I just got the news from my employer, next year's deductibles are going up, as are co-pays and premiums. In short, I'm paying more for less. Extrapolating this out, I figure that in 5-10 years, they'll be taking my entire pay check and I'll still have to pay full fare for medical care.

  6. if you the DMV then you will love obamacare.

  7. Actually I use the DMV on-line for almost all of my needs .. works beautifully...

  8. My employer just sent the memo as well.. insurance provider is raising deductibles, co-pays and premiums... also, if my spouse has insurance with her employer, she must use it or I pay a penalty on top of premium...

    I remember my vacation in the Carribean a few years back ... French territory... Our friend was stung by something in the water.. we went to the local emergency room... went extremely well -- paid $20 US for the visit and $5 for the prescribed anibiotics at local pharmacy...


  9. The DMV analogies make cute little sound bites, but make no sense. Doctors and nurses are not going to become gov't employees.

    As someone earlier said, it's much more analagous to medicare.

    My BIL's girlfriend was recently struck by a hit-and-run driver while on her bicycle. She works full-time, but her employer offers her no insurance, and she can't afford to buy it herself on her salary. So she had to be off from work for 2 weeks with no pay, and now she is like $10,000 in debt from hospital bills from something over which she had no control.

    I have another friend who has such severe epilepsy that she will die or become brain-damaged without her medications. However, she can't even GET health insurance because she has a pre-existing condition. Her parents are currently helping her pay for her medications (thankfully both are reasonably well-off), but she has no idea what will happen to her when they die.

    And people really think the current health-care situation is accepatble? Really???

  10. Then move to the Carribean!

  11. ....Doctors and nurses are not going to become gov't employees.

    Look at GM ! Come on wake up!


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