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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Week in Crime: Home Invasions, Hate Crimes, and a Shocking Theft

Picture 1.jpgFour men are being sought in connection with a genuinely spooky Sept. 12 home invasion (PDF) on St. Trinians Court in South Reston.

Four men entered a home in the 11800 block of Saint Trinians Court on Saturday, September 12 around 1:40 a.m. The suspects covered their faces with bandannas and one was armed with a shotgun. They demanded money and property from the 31-year-old victim and his 26-year-old male friend. The victims complied and the suspects left the residence. There were no injuries. The suspects were described as three black men and one white man, all appearing to be teens. They wore dark clothing and red or black bandannas with black baseball caps.
No other details about this home invasion, but it's nice to know a person involved in a similar incident in January recently pleaded guilty.
In January, Fairfax County police arrested a Centreville man in connection with a violent, home-invasion robbery in Reston. Now that man has pleaded guilty in court.

The incident occurred Jan. 24 on Reston Avenue in Reston. Robbery Det. Eric Deane presented details in a Feb. 2 affidavit. He wrote that a firearm was used "to perpetrate the robbery and assault the victim" who sustained a laceration to his head. Wrote Deane: "The blood from the victim is believed to be on the clothes of the suspect who caused this injury."
Meanwhile, a woman who parked her car overnight at the Plaza America garage was the victim of a hate crime.
A 49-year-old woman’s car was vandalized in the 11700 block of Plaza America Drive some time between 7:30 p.m. on Friday, September 11 and 4 p.m. Saturday, September 12. The victim parked her car in a garage and when she returned the next day, she discovered racial slurs had been etched into the paint. The Fairfax County Police Department recognizes the potential harm that bias crimes and incidents can have in a community, and strongly encourages people to report them. All bias crimes and incidents are investigated thoroughly.
Finally, the most shocking crime you'll hear about all week, courtesy of the Twitters:
An apron was reported stolen from a business in the 11900 block of Market Street.
There are no words.


  1. ...but Operation Summer Heat was such as success. Wasn't it?

  2. Get ready for even more violent assaults and hate crimes this weekend... it's the library book sale!


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