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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Week in Crime: A Rough Couple of Weeks to be a Cop in Reston

Police officers were assaulted in two separate incidents around Reston in recent weeks. First up, a noise complaint in Northgate:

Police arrested a man for assault on a police officer on Monday, June 22. Officers were called to the 1500 block of Northgate Square around 1:27 a.m. for a noise complaint. As they attempted to talk to the man, he was not cooperative and allegedly assaulted one of the officers. The officers struggled with the suspect and were able to take him into custody.
Next, an officer was assaulted by one of three men pushing a stolen car on Reston Parkway and South Lakes Drive:
Three men were arrested on Wednesday, July 1 after one of them fought with an officer. The officer was driving in the area of Reston Parkway and South Lakes Drive around 3:55 a.m. when she saw the men pushing a car off the roadway. She pulled up behind them and got out of the car to assist. One man allegedly pushed the officer and a struggle began; the other two men were not involved. She was able to subdue and detain the suspect. An investigation determined the car was taken without permission from a neighboring jurisdiction. All three suspects were arrested and transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. No one required medical attention.
After all that, you'll almost be relieved to see the usual Reston crime -- petty theft on Reston's Herndon's ultra-safe sidewalks and trails:
A woman was arrested for robbing another woman on Monday, June 29 in the 13100 block of Parcher Avenue. The victim was walking on a sidewalk around 8:30 p.m. when the suspect allegedly approached her and demanded money. The suspect grabbed a necklace from the victim’s neck and fled on foot. The victim was not injured.
Or if that doesn't grab you, how about an attempted burglary?
A man and a woman returned to their home in the 2600 block of Logan Wood Drive at about 12:30 p.m. to find a man attempting to break in. The 41-year-old woman screamed and the man fled. The couple saw the man flee in a small, silver or white sport utility vehicle. No description of the man is available at this time and no injuries were reported.
Happy summer, everyone,


  1. I wonder if that was the gray car that was parked on the side of Reston Parkway for a week. Did the report indicate the type of vehicle?

    Also Parcher Avenue is not Reston, its located over by World Gate.

  2. Parcher Avenue is definitely over in Herndon, not in Reston. If we did not spend so much time on the internet, we could be out there walking those trails and lowering the health care costs of our great nation.

  3. Man, we really have progressed: first break-ins and muggings, to gang stabbings and shootings, and now full-on NWA style 1-8-7s!

  4. So does anyone have an update about the commotion that was going on about two Mondays ago in our Archstone Charter Oak neighborhood? I heard a helicopter hovering over our complex and over adjacent Hidden Creek for quite some time, and then the next day (or the day after that) I arrived from work to find a notice from Archstone stuffed in my door jamb warning residents about a crime wave in the immediate vicinity. I'm brand new to Virginia, and I thought 20190 was a "good" zip code, or is North Reston the only good part of town left? Perhaps our community leaders ought to be spending less time worrying about keeping our community neutrally-colored via the design review board and spend more time ensuring that police are patrolling our neighborhoods?

    1. Perhaps you should move elsewhere! Goodbye idiot!

  5. I wonder whether there is really in uptick in crime or whether we're paying attention to it more because it's being posted on our favorite filthy web-log...I guess if we were out on the paths more instead of in front of the computer we'd know whether this is truth or perception. Of course, if it really is an uptick, the worst way to find out would be on the receiving end of the crime!

  6. southlakesmom-

    I have lived in Reston for over 25 years, and most people who have lived here a long time know that Reston's paths have always had their fair share of crime. I don't walk on them alone and never have.

    Now the gang stuff, that's all new.

  7. Paul J Laure...

    In general, the 20190 area is very safe. However, as the economy continues to decline, crime will rise, that is inevitable - everywhere.

    This is a time to be heard with local and state authorities -- and emphasize any spending be focused on jobs and public safety -- not rec centers or new HQ buildings. Regardless of your politics -- (like it or not) there are Stimulus dollars available for police and fire and rescue resources, as well as new infrastructure developmet. Fairfax County has done little in its pursuit -- except for the Dulles Rail project which the county is participating in with other local governments.

    We need to attend our community meetings, and let our voices be heard -- and vote.

  8. That's what happens when we keep jamming more and more subsidized housing in Reston --

    I am very sorry for the police officers who work so hard and diligently for Restonians, but they better get ready for more -- it's only going to get worse with Hudgins' continuing push for taking yet more properties out of the private sector, off the income- producing tax rolls and onto the remaining few taxpayers backs as a public dole -- with poor or no services for the newly-dumped-into-Reston indigents.

    Reston Crescent ring any bells?

    And, I am sure you will not be surprised to learn that Fairfax County is among the "largest," if not the largest, landlord in all of Fairfax County.

  9. Incidentally, Parcher avenue is located NOT in Herndon, but in an unincorporated area of Fairfax County with a postal mailing address of Herndon.

    As it It is not located in the town of Herndon, it is not patrolled by the Herndon PD; rather, Parcher Avenue is in the Reston PSA (Patrol Service Area). Parcher Avenue is among the highest of all area calling for services out of the Reston Station. The other highest areas are in so-called South Reston bordered by South Lakes, Soapstone and Colt's Neck.

    And, irony of ironies, I have a Herndon mailing addreess (ZIP = 20194), but I am assessed the outrageous Reston Association and SD 5 taxes -- go fugure!

  10. Don't know if anyone noticed, but at least one of the 3-man crime group nabbed for area robberies came from a rent-subsidized apartment complex near the Forest Edge Elementary School.

    I'm not looking forward to the 1000 low-income units going up across from Lake Anne Plaza.

  11. I really struggle with this because while I agree that subsidized housing needs to go *somewhere*, it's obviously having an adverse impact on our community. And, at the same time our families are taxed through the nose to pay for this and other social programs, we are also being asked to volunteer for more. We are pricing young families out of Reston. If we do that, it won't matter how nice the HQ or the rec center are, NO ONE WILL BE AROUND TO USE THEM!

  12. I think Fairfax county needs to have Prince William county types of policy in dealing with immigrants. I know the crimes committed weren't all done by Hispanics, but that solution would at least cut 1/3 of the crime just mention. I am a legal resident from Peru, and I think illegal are criminals. Its not fair for my family members that have come to this country the correct way by having to wait between 5 to 7 years in Peru, then come and pay a lawyer around 20k. While an illegal immigrants has almost the same rights as a citizens that doesn’t pay taxes, including free hospital. I know some illegal come to this country to work, but this is not a perfect world some come for crime.

  13. The Convict in the GulagJuly 8, 2009 at 3:54 PM

    Did you notice that none of the three car thieves that were nabbed in the Gulag are actually from the Gulag? We're so notorious that we're now importing criminals.

  14. The Convict in the GulagJuly 8, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    The other highest areas are in so-called South Reston bordered by South Lakes, Soapstone and Colt's Neck.
    Welcome to the Gulag!

  15. crime, subsidized housing and immigration do not necessarily go hand in hand - few social problems are so clear cut so please take care before making such assumptions.

    please take the same time you would spend commenting on this blog to contact our local reps. i have been writing emails for months about the crime in reston and so far the most direct response i have received is that the state is very committed to fighting crime in the form of online predators. while this is certainly a problem worth fighting, it does not replace the need for action to address reston's growing crime problem. more voices can create more demand for a solution.

    Connie M. Houston
    Legislative Assistant
    Office of Senator Janet Howell
    (703) 709-8283

    Cathy Hudgins

  16. from southlakes mom:
    "We are pricing young families out of Reston. If we do that, it won't matter how nice the HQ or the rec center are, NO ONE WILL BE AROUND TO USE THEM!"

    Fairfax County doesn't want young families here anymore. They want single people. Single people don't have children that the county has to pay to educate. Single people are the demographic that will use the new sports complex that is planned right across the street from the also planned high-rise towers at Crescent Apartments (935 units). Most of those units will be 800 sq ft and will be for the young 20 and 30 year old single people who work for the high tech companies in Reston. Only a small percentage of those units will be subsidized. The Fairway Apt proposal calls for mostly singles housing. Family homes in Reston (apartments, clusters, etc.,) will be bulldozed to make way for 3 to 1 replacement by singles apartments in the New Reston. You think I'm nuts? Go read the comprehensive plan. It's on the county website. Word is out that all of Reston is to be rezoned high-density. Can we do something to stop it? Yes.

  17. I read the lake Anne Revitalization Plan, hve participated in all the efforts to-date -- I like it.

    Otherwise this beautiful heart of Reston will die from blight and abandonment.

    Your assessment is correct... 181 "affordable (workforce)" units growing to 750-935 units...but read the plan in its entirety... and see the big picture...

  18. From the plan, below... we still maintain same low-income housing units, but add many more higher end units..

    Land Unit D
    This land unit is located to the northeast of Washington Plaza and is bounded on the south by North Shore Drive, on the north by Baron Cameron Drive, and on the west by Village Drive. The land unit contains the Crescent Apartments, five garden apartment-style three-story buildings containing 181 units. It also contains a gas station located along North Shore Drive.
    Baseline Recommendation
    The baseline Plan recommendation for this Land Unit is based on the designations shown on the Reston Master Plan Land Use Plan. The area of the Crescent Apartments is designated as high and medium density residential uses. The gas station is designated as Village Center.
    Redevelopment Option
    The total amount of development allowed under the Redevelopment Option should be no more than 902,000 square feet. The residential component should consist of up to 900,000 square feet (up to 750 multi-family dwelling units), and the non-residential component (office, ground-level support retail, civic, and/or other complementary non-residential uses) should consist of up to 2,000 square feet (exclusive of the gas station), subject to the following conditions:

    Any redevelopment of this property should replace the loss of any of the existing 181 affordable (workforce) rental units with the same number of affordable housing units;

    Usable open space in the form of plazas, urban greens, courtyards, rooftop plazas and/or parks should be provided to make attractive gathering places;

    Tree preservation and/or tree cover restoration should be a key condition of redevelopment in this Land Unit, in accordance with guidance in the Environmental section of the Fairfax County Policy Plan; and

    Site designs for Land Unit D should ensure a safe, well-lighted walkway to connect the residents in Northgate Square with existing and planned office and retail uses in Land Unit A. New structure(s) should not obstruct direct pedestrian linkages.
    Full Consolidation Option
    As an option, new development up to the following maximum levels may be achieved if Land Units A, D, and E are fully consolidated.
    The total amount of development allowed under the Full Consolidation Option should be no more than 1,126,000 square feet. The residential component should consist of up to 1,122,000 square feet (up to 935 multi-family dwelling units), and the non-residential component (office, ground-level support retail, civic, and/or other complementary non-residential uses) should consist of up to 4,000 square feet (exclusive of the gas station), subject to the same conditions provided for the Redevelopment Option.
    The 0.85 acre site containing the gas station is strongly encouraged to be part of the Full Consolidation Option. However, if it is not included, development plans should show how this parcel will relate to the rest of Land Unit D.

  19. Well... moe density -- done correctly -- makes sense in areas that are being neglected.

    Looks like the County is all over the place, not coordinated. If lake Anne is "blessed" county redevelopment area -- then they should focus all their attention and that of their partners in crime (RA/RCC), at that location.

  20. The first step in saving Reston is to get rid of Cathy Hudgins. She's in the pocket of every special interest around here. Since a Republican doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected in the Nuclear-Free Democratic People's Republic of Hunter Mill, what's needed is a rally strong independent to run against Ms. Hudgins.

  21. The county grossly overpaid for the Crescent Apartments at the height of the bubble. They paid 275,000 per unit when they were renting for 1200/mo. They need about 5 times the current number of units for their purchase price to be economical since their subsidized rents will be 600/mo.

  22. "The other highest areas are in so-called South Reston bordered by South Lakes, Soapstone and Colt's Neck."

    And Glade. I'm old enough to remember when the drug store at the Hunters Woods Plaza had security guards greet you at the front door. I think one of the reasons for redesigning the plaza into a strip shopping center was to open up it up so everything could be seen from the road and people couldn't loiter in the plaza unseen.

  23. Leave the politics out of this please... I'm a Democrat and think Smyers/Mathhews/Hudgins are friggin' idiots... this is about the issues not labeling... geezzz

  24. Politics and labeling go hand-in-hand like crime and subidized housing. No Repuglican can be elected in this district so, if you want to take on the Hudgins Democommunist Machine, you're going to need a strong Undependent.


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