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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo Finish


A photo of the Reston Grand Prix at Reston Town Center this past weekend, or traffic on the soon-to-be dieted Lawyers Road? You be the judge.

Speaking of which, the grand resurfacing project of the Lawyers Road velodrome begins Aug. 2 and is expected to be completed by Aug. 27. Beat the rush and start shopping for spandex pants now!


  1. Actually, if the spandex brigade roaring down Lawyers Road has a few close encounters with Bambi & Co., it's a win-win situation -- take out a few reckless bikers and thin the deer herd at the same time. It's as good as a mutually annihilating matter/anti-matter reaction!

  2. As I tried to turn left this morning at 8:10 a.m out of my street and onto Lawyer's Road, I looked right up the slight hill towards the curve that comes around St. John Neumann Catholic Church. I wish I'd had a speed gun. The speed limit is too high, and the people dashing to work are going above that. It occurred to me, once again, that a couple of officers doing speed enforcement in the area near the church would have significantly cut down on the accident rate on Lawyers Rd. in this stretch. And the cost would have been placed back on the irresponsible people -- the speeders!

    Oh well, it is a done deal. On the same subject though, if this is starting in August, do you think a few "heads up" signs would be NOW? They have one up for the milling and restriping on Sunset Hills and we often have the cute sayings at the Town Center intersection on Reston Parkway...

  3. The Convict in the GulagJuly 8, 2009 at 3:41 PM

    I wonder whether we shouldn't put speed humps in the bike lanes so that the Lance Armstrong wannabes will be less tempted to haul butt blindly down Personal Injury Lawyer's Road?

  4. Speed traps on Lawyers are rare 'cause there's no safe place to pull over. Traffic runs 45-55 against a speed limit of 45. So a real moneymaker - sorry miscreant - is rare. At least in terms on one's revenue quota.

  5. I hope this turns out to be a lose-lose situation for Cathy Hudgins when she runs for re-election. It's a bad idea anytime, but commutes will be awful. Oh, and stupid? VDOT just restriped Lawyers with 4 driving lanes, which I guess it will revise in another month or so. Good use of precious taxpayer dollars on transportation, eh?


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