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Monday, July 13, 2009

Breaking: Holocaust Revisionist Loses 23-1,157 in Write-in Landslide

While the official tally isn't supposed to be released until tomorrow, multiple news accounts are confirming that unopposed Reston Citizens Association candidate Ken Meyercord, who ran into a smidgen of media attention for his views on the holocaust, wound up losing in a write-in landslide. When was the last time that happened?

Ken Meyercord, who had been running unopposed for an at-large seat on the Reston Citizens Association's 13-member volunteer board, received only 23 votes after his provocative views on Jews created a backlash.

Colin Mills, the write-in candidate for the at-large position on the board, received 1,157 votes, according to Mike Corrigan, the civic association's former president and a member of the election committee.

The turnout for the election, which was held Saturday and Sunday the Reston Festival at Reston Town Center, was so heavy that elections committee members had to photocopy additional ballots.

"It's a fabulous result," said Debra Steppel, the former Reston Citizens Association board member behind the write-in campaign. "I' m very, very pleased."
To his credit, Meyercord made a decent point when contacted for comment:
"I think Ms. Steppel should be congratulated for her efforts," Meyercord said today. "All Americans should be as active defending their people, although I think she's misinformed."
At this point, we'd insert our now-stock comment about the benefit of staying informed, etc., etc., but it's late and we want grilled chicken.


  1. The sleeping giant (i.e., Restonians) have awakened.

  2. Oops, the sleeping giant (i.e., Restonians) has awakened. Typing to fast in my glee.

  3. I yelled out loud with happiness when i read
    this wackjob only got 23 votes... back under your rock troll...lmao

  4. Sounds like Meyercord's "gracious" message in defeat was along the lines of former Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney when she and her family essentially blamed a certain group who were "defending their people" that caused her to lose.

  5. Give it a rest. The guy reacted better to a campaign waged against him personally than most of us do when the campaign is just against someone we support! Sheesh, no wonder we can't accomplish much in this country. Everyone is too busy being morally superior and vindictive!

  6. The Convict in the GulagJuly 14, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    After eight years of Fascists in the White House, I'm glad that we demostrated the good sense to not put another one in a position of power and authority in our community.


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