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Friday, June 5, 2009

This and That: A Random Stroll Through Reston News

  • Some good news, for a change: Reston's annual Relay for Life, which was held at South Lakes High School during the last weekend in May, raised more than $260,000 in the fight against cancer. Apparently there was a pie-eating contest, too.

  • A grand jury indicted a 31-year-old Reston man on charges of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and maiming as a result of driving while intoxicated in the wake of a Feb. 1 crash near Manassas in Prince William County that killed Brian Piepergerdes, 27, also of Reston, and injured one other Reston man. According to court documents, he had a BAC of .225 at the time of the accident.

  • While Reston is creating a shrine to rad '80s art at the Wiehle Avenue Metro Station, the folks in Herndon are in a bit of disarray about their proposed station, including learning that a parking garage is currently slated for the opposite side of the Toll Road of the existing, vaguely crumbling, Herndon-Monroe Kiss and Ride garage. Who needs to learn how to read a map, anyway?

  • Alfredo R. Prieto, who was convicted of the 1988 rape and murder of Rachel Raver and the murder of her boyfriend, Warren Fulton III, in Reston, is appealing his sentencing because of what his attorney calls unconstitutional verdict forms. Prieto is already on death row in California for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl, so we're guessing the eventual ruling will be somewhat moot.

  • Reston's free clinic has seen the number of patients who want such frivolous things as "medical care" increase by 40 percent in the past 10 months.

  • The Obamas came to some hippie "100 days" party held by a couple of Restonians, to celebrate the advent of socialism and whatnot. Oh, wait -- it was just their cardboard cutouts. Never mind.

  • The Reston Community Players are soliciting new scripts for future productions (third item). We're guessing ones with gratuitous nudity will have a leg up, so to speak.

  • When most people think romance, they think Paris, Venice, maybe the South Pacific. But one wacky Ashburn couple, apparently in a stupor from breathing off-gassing carpet fumes in their particleboard home, decided to hold a flash wedding at the Reston Town Center. David Obbie and Lori Chambers tied the knot last weekend at noon:
    Participants were instructed to wear pink or orange, mill about the Town Center and then converge on the fountain at noon. The bride, groom and their family walked down from the stairs and the short ceremony began.

    "We have no idea who they are," Obbie said of his wedding guests. "That's the beauty of the whole thing." People signed up to attend from all over the Northern Virginia area and some even signed up from Washington state, Obbie said. "My best guess is they were going to be vacationing in this area at that time and planned to stop by," he said.
    They also said that Reston Town Center management signed off on the idea because it would "draw in a lot of people." But was the reception at the Macaroni Grill?

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