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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Awesome $90 Million Garage Approved for Rad '80s Artwork Display, and Possibly Metro Station

610x.jpg.jpegIt's official: During its meeting June 1, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors voted to give Reston-based Comstock Partners LC development rights for the Wiehle Avenue Metro station site, which will be home to a $90 million garage, mixed-use residential/ office space, and what will perhaps be the nation's finest showcase of rad '80s artwork.

Fairfax County has signed a deal with Comstock Partners LC that gives the Reston-based development group rights to develop the Wiehle Avenue Metro station site, beginning with construction of a parking garage.

Comstock will build a 2,300-space garage, including 40 kiss-and-ride spaces and multiple commuter bus bays. Comstock’s long-term development rights are expected to include office, residential and retail built atop the new Metro parking garage.
According to the lengthy board materials (PDF), the vote "will begin a lengthy process for rezoning the property and commencement of preliminary design, both of which must be completed by July 1, 2010, in order for construction of the public garage to proceed so that it can be completed in time for the projected start of Metrorail operations in the 4th quarter of 2013."

Whew! That's a mouthful. Hopefully the additional development will include additional public art along the lines of the tubular stuff planned for the Metro station itself. We humbly suggest that the following banner be hung from the top of the garage to welcome passersby:


Update: Thanks to an alert commenter who managed to read an even more long-winded PDF about the project, here's an artist's conception of what the finished development might look like, minus the awesome '80s art:

Wiehle Metro.jpg


  1. I'm no finance person, but how does a parking garage turn to cost more than the Taj Ma-rec-center? The proposed rec center's construction cost is only $65m, but the parking garage is projected at $90m.

    And if this parking garage is supposed to be for Metro, then why are they putting retail and office space over it? Do they expect that the commuters won't be using all 2300 spaces?

    I'm betting that within 5 years of its construction some or all of the spaces will be designated not for commuter use.

  2. Go to page 172 to see a picture of the proposed parking garage. The question is how does all that cost only $90 million?

    The people living at the metro station and working at the offices and stores at the metro station will be living under strict TDM rules that will greatly restrict use of their cars if the complex is developed the same as If you go to the bottom of the page on that link you will find another link to a description of those TDM restrictions. This should be of interest to all living on Reston since our County Supervisor, Cathy Hudgins, has stated on numerous occasions that people won't be using cars in the near future. We'll be going to the Metro stop on our bicycles.

  3. Which businesses, office parks, and/or buildings will be removed to make way for this station?

    Obviously the McTacoHut, what about the buildings in Isaac Newton Sq, Sport & Health in particular?

  4. Actually, I believe most of the entire shebang is supposed to sit on the current site of the Park and Ride lot. Assuming the parking spaces remain available to commuters, it's a big improvement over a surface lot.


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