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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This and That: A Random Jaunt Through Reston News

  • Some Internets company called QinetiQ signed a 121,000 square foot lease in a fancy office building called "Reston EastPointe" on Sunset Hills Road (the extra "e" in "Pointe" is worth at least an extra $10 a square foot)! So relax, the economic downturn is officially over and we can go back to watching our earth-toned housing appreciate 20 percent each year.

  • Hey there, a bunch of gangstas "tagged" some trees and dirt in one of the reaches in the Glade. Maybe they should try making a rad video instead.

  • Remember how we were going to get a fancy Metro station festooned with awesome 80s art and whatnot? Well, the Tysons Corner tunnel folks have teamed up with the Sierra Club to file a lawsuit against the Silver Line project, presumably to demand that a tunnel be built under the pristine wilderness of Tysons Corner, all the better to preserve the endangered herds of Krystal Koonses who gambol on the unspoiled tundra near the Bed Bath 'N Beyond.

  • Muslims and Jews have started praying together during an interfaith service held at the Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation in Reston. And there hasn't been a peep out of the Middle East ever since!

  • Northrup Grumman Corp. is among three contractors to receive a $1.6 billion contract from the Air Force that involves, we don't know, strapping bombs to dolphins, or maybe strapping dolphins to A-10 Thunderbolt II jets.

  • Those waiters you saw sprinting around the Reston Town Center the other weekend weren't trying to chase down dine-n-dashers. They all placed a bottle of colored water and two clementines on their trays and raced against each other to win... a $100 gift certificate to the Reston Town Center! No word, though, on whether the second place prize was a $150 gift certificate to the Reston Town Center.


  1. huh. My child goes to school at NVHC and the Dulles Area Muslim Society has been having prayer services there on Fridays for AT LEAST a year. And the article is saying this began as the result of Obama's speech??

  2. I can't believe that the Sierra Club bought into this Tysons Tunnel twaddle. If the goal is to get more people to use public transportation to reduce congestion and pollution, does it really matter if the route is above ground or below? Metro's already existing above-ground sections such as that near National Airport are pretty decent looking -- we're not talking New York's old Third Avenue El, which truly was slummy-looking. It all goes back to the age-old question: WKKBW? Would Krystal Koons Be Wowed?


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