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Friday, June 26, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

masi-oka-get-smarter-070420-big.jpgSouth Lakes Mom shares one fun tidbit from last night's RA Board meeting:

But, just to make you laugh, RA President Robin Smyers was attending the meeting via audio link…only it wasn’t working. You know those really infuriating cell conversations that are breaking up all over? That’s what it was like, but with a room FULL of people listening. It was actually pretty funny but then got tedious. After advice from legal counsel (!), Cheryl Beamer was asked to be acting president or something and after motion and approval went on to read Robin’s remarks.
An innocent telecommunications snag or an Al Haig moment? You be the judge.


  1. Regarding the meeting: Joe Leighton motioned to the RA Board last night to eliminate Browns Chapel park as the site for a rec center...

    Let's see what happens next...

  2. Did anybody second that motion?

  3. Gosh, and to think I went home and missed it...are you sure Robin didn't second it but she was breaking up so you couldn't tell for sure?

  4. Typical pandering by Joe Leighton.

    It's very hard to take this guy seriously. What has he really done for our district, or for that matter Reston over the years? He's part of the problem, not the solution!

  5. Richard Chew seconded the motion the rest of the board was mute (including Frank Lynch - who is the representative of the North Point District where the facility would be located). The motion was tabled until the next board meeting in one month. That will give them time to get thier marching orders from Robin. I respectfully disagree with the earler comment that Joe Leighton is part of the problem. In my opinion, he has always been very accessible and very responsive. He is the only one on the board who is willing to show leadership at this point.

  6. Stop picking on Joe Leighton. He is 83 years old and he is the hardest working RA board member. He has taken the time to attend EVERY meeting on this subject. He has discussed and questioned every official involved. He has taken the time to do the research so that he can make an informed decision AND he is not afraid to talk to residents who might happen to disagree with Robin Smyers or Milton Matthews. He explained to me that he believes that living in Reston should be a positive experience for every resident. So please -- don't judge a book by it's cover. Joe may older and he may not be the greatest speaker, but he is an asset to the board. If every board member took their job as seriously we wouldn't be having this problem.

  7. I agree with the earlier comment about JL. Aside from the rec center, where has he been regarding the important issues in our area, like crime and the Glade Stream Bank?

    I don't think anyone is picking on him, just stating apparent the lack of leadership