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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meeting on Crime Held at Site of Recent Crime Offers New Information on Another Recent Crime

One interesting thing came out of the community meeting on crime that was held at the scene of a recent crime a week or so back: It turns out police now believe that the April 18 murder of 26-year-old Jose Luis Ordones Aguilar of Reston was domestic in nature.

During the meeting local police addressed concerns of a recent murder and higher numbers of larceny cases. Many in attendance wanted to know more about the murder that occurred on April 18 on the pathways off of Colts Neck Road near the Hunters Woods Village Center.

Reston district station Lt. Commander Andy Hill said police believe the murder was domestic in nature and not gang related. Police are still seeking information in the case. Since the murder police have been patrolling the area including the pathways and providing safety information to those who frequently walk on the pathways, including trying to stay off of them after dark.

Hill said often those who are attacked or assaulted on the pathways are assaulted by acquaintances. He said many times an investigation determines that the victim, the suspect or both have been drinking and are under the influence. He said when someone walks on the pathways and they have been drinking they become easier targets for criminals looking for the opportunity.
In other words, if you get drunk and decide to go on an inebriated moonlit stroll on Reston's beautiful paths and happen to see someone you know, RUN!

The 40-plus folks who attended the meeting at Southgate Community Center sponsored by Fairfax County Supervisor Cathy Hudgins asked if the pathways could get more lighting, so people can more readily identify the acquaintances preparing to rob them:
Hill said although the police can provide recommendations for lighting on the pathways, it is up to the community, Reston Association and the county to use them or not.

Hill said often community members do not want the light pollution from the extra lights and funding is difficult to find. Hudgins said Reston Association is looking at lighting the entrances to the pathways, but cost is one of the biggest factors.
In other words, no fancy streetlights for you! On the other hand, if it's a rec center or shiny new headquarters building you're looking for....


  1. Seriously, can someone please pass the hat around so that we can get some actual streetlights in South Reston? Is this really too much to ask?

  2. Absolutely! It is too much to ask for the less desirable South Reston people to ask!

    You will take the darkness and you will like it!


    The Dark Skies Coalition

    P.S. It's all about seein' stars. (Get it?)

  3. We don't need lights on the trails. We need the police to patrol the trails (not just run radar out of South Lakes Dr. Park), clamp down on drinking, riding motorized vehicles and gang tagging on the trails. I've only seen police on the trails when chasing folks after a crime has occurred.

  4. Lights will only work to fix the symptom of the bigger problem: crime. We need to work together to create opportunities for folks to be productive and have hope.

  5. Dark Skies would prefer no streetlights. Ever. Anywhere.


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