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Monday, April 27, 2009

Flashback Monday: A skyscraper emerges from the primeval ooze

Well, maybe not, but this is a shot of what appears to be the central core of Heron House, the fancy high-rise at Lake Anne Village Center, rising from the muddy shores of what would become the lake -- and most likely the tallest freestanding structure anywhere west of the Beltway at the time, unless you count the random odd grain solo or whatnot.

Reston's original plans called for a number of similar high-rise buildings to dot the area around Lake Anne, but that never came to fruition, though the awesome new comprehensive plan for the area is destined to turn it into "another Manhattan," complete with a Times-Square like plaza of fancy neon signs and polyglot hot dog vendors and a $65 million rec center across the street, fulfilling Reston's long-deferred dream of indoor tennis courts.

Sorry -- just got a little carried away there. Something like that would never happen.


  1. So is Reston going to have any clubs any time soon?

    and WHO CARES for indoor tennis. Bring some indoor field where more than two people use it at a time.

  2. I guess as the original residents (and people who want you to think that they're original residents) age to the point that they're downsizing, they can buy an awesome condo in the fashionable Manhattan like district and flee the less desirable South Reston environs. Didja notice though that the tent city is on the NORTH side of the toll road? Hmm...what does that do to THEIR real estate values?


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