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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reston Real Estate: The High-Low Game, pt. 9 (Special Foreclosure Edition)

Bank ready to default on your 40-year ARM? Let others' misfortunes be your gain, boys and girls, as we pull out the 20-sided dice and amortization tables for today's thrilling installation of Reston's High-Low Game (tm)!

This first humdinger of a property on Swans Neck Way near Lake Thoreau could be yours for a mere $25,305! We're guessing that's probably the minimum bid on an auction, given that the house last sold for $365,000, but at that price, who cares! You get to "live the dream" in Reston in your swank new slightly loved condo! Or is it a townhouse? It's hard to tell from this attractive aerial photo, and you have to join some skeevy foreclosure site to get all the gory details. But no worries -- you've got to spend money to save money, right?

Anyway. If $25,305 is more along the lines of what you spend on home office supplies in a month, maybe this lovely home on Timberhead Lane near Lake Audobon is more your speed. It's a mere $856,754, which is quite the bargain--they're not making any more semi-waterfront property these days! Or, if you want to feel like the little monocle-sporting guy in Monopoly, save your money and buy 33 of the Swans Neck Way places -- that's got to be the entire development! Then you could name yourself cluster president, revise the DRB standards for the neighborhood to require all homes to be painted one of three shades of hot pink (Fuchsia, Lipstick, and Not Fuchsia) and then secede from Reston proper.

Let's face it -- back in the "good old days," when houses were selling above asking price with multiple offers just a few years ago, we couldn't even dream of something that awesome.

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