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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diver Down: Preliminary hearing for wetsuit-clad Reston murder suspect

Wetsuit-clad Reston engineer Evan Gargiulo, who claimed he shot a taxicab driver in Tysons Corner last year in self-defense, had a preliminary court hearing earlier this week.

Nearly 100 friends and family members of Nazir filled a Fairfax General District Courtroom on Feb. 23 for Gargiulo's preliminary hearing.

"He was my cousin," said Altaf H. Anjum. "At least that's what we call it. His mother was from my village in Pakistan."

Many of those in attendance were also taxi drivers.

"We want to make sure justice is done," said Shahzad Chaudhry, who has been driving a taxi in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area for 22 years. "We serve the community 24/7 in rain, cold and snow, and that service has value to all those who live here."

Chaudhry said that Pakistani residents in Fairfax County are becoming increasingly more educated and looking out for themselves both individually and as a group.

"This is the fourth or fifth murder of a Pakistani taxi driver in 22 years, and it is the first one that I know of that is being prosecuted," he said. "We live in a shadow of fear and that is no way to serve the community."
Gargulio's case was forwarded to the grand jury; a term date has been set for March 17. Once again, there's nothing at all funny about this case, so here is a picture of a monkey in a wetsuit.

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