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Friday, January 9, 2009

Treepocalypse Now: Stay of Execution

Doesn't that sound like an awesome title for the next Steven Segal movie? Anyhoo, it turns out the continuing deforestation of Reston's sylvan streambeds has been temporarily put on hold by the Design Review Board. What, where there not enough cases involving window trim painted an improper shade of taupe to keep them busy?

The Reston Association Design Review Board Tuesday night deferred a decision on continuing the ongoing stream restoration project into reaches 1 through 3 of the Glade stream until January after listening to more than three hours of public comment, most of it opposed to the project.

The board said it will review Wetland Studies and Solutions Inc.'s application again at its next full board meeting [on Jan. 27].

Board member Michael Miller said he believed the project was necessary. "Reston was farmland not that many years ago," he said. "I'm tired of the glass being half empty." Miller said he wanted residents to think of the glass half full because the project will improve the streams in Reston. After increased community concern during the past few weeks, Miller said he believes that Wetland Studies understands the need to be more sensitive.

"Nature is an ever-changing thing," Miller said. He said they have a responsibility to repair the damage that has been created by the development of Reston.
In other words, when you sit in your fancy "sunken" living room, gazing out at the sylvan forest beyond your carport, the trees that are being cut down now are dying for your sins. But hey, happy Friday!


  1. Has anyone noticed the many pools, ponds and puddles in areas where they ARE not suppose to be? I am talking about land that is "finished" with hay/straw on top of it and the actual creekbed 15 or 20 yards away. After the heavy rains of earlier this week and last weekend a great deal of water "ponded" where no one would have expected it to. Certainly not after the work which has been done. My hope is that before the contractor removes his heavy equipment he goes back down into the swamp he has created between South Lakes HS and King Charles Commons and grades the land again. It is very frustrating to walk through areas like this and see so much water where it should not have been-especially after so much has been spent.

  2. It is not call Wetlands Solutions for nothing!


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