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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're #7! Plus, the death of Bratz

Sunrise Valley Elementary ranked 7th in Northern Virginia in terms of SOL test scores. Hunters Woods Elementary, the only other Reston school that made the top 25, ranked 14th. No word on how both schools, which feed into South Lakes High School, fared in terms of their band programs.

Speaking of band programs, it sounds like Bratz, the symbol of all that was wrong, but not in a racial sort of way, about students who don't look or act like their counterparts from Oakton and whatnot during South Lakes' uneventful redistricting process earlier in the year, are headed for the scrapheap of history. But hey -- at least Mattel can win the occasional frivolous lawsuit.

(Shout-out to Sean for the tip on the Bratz.)

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