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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Week in Crime: Grand Theft Auto Reston

Four lovable scamps went out for a romp in a car they found parked in South Reston last week. It's the stuff that coming-of-age teen movies are made of in Hollywood, but in Reston, it's just plain old auto theft.

Two Reston teens were arrested for allegedly stealing a vehicle after a police officer initiated a traffic stop on the car near the intersection of Wiehle Avenue and Sunrise Valley Drive at about 9:30 p.m. Oct. 29. An investigation led to the boys' arrest. About 30 minutes before, two of the boys, ages 14 and 15, were reportedly walking nearby and were chased by some acquaintances. They ran and hid inside a 1998 Chevrolet 2500 van that was parked close by in the 12200 block of Laurel Glade Court. When they discovered the keys were inside, the boys allegedly drove away. They picked up two friends, also 14, and were stopped by police a few moments later. All four boys were released to their parents and petitions for auto theft were obtained for the two boys who allegedly took the vehicle. The 14-year-old boy was also charged with driving without an operator's license.
Sigh. Where are the Coreys when you need them?

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  1. Who leaves their keys in their cars!?!?! That is like asking teenagers to steel it!


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