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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Road Rules: They paved paradise and put up a no-parking Large Area Community Parking District (LACPD)

All of a sudden, Soapstone Drive residents have noticed that people park trucks, antique campers and boats along their street. They're not happy about it, either.

"This is a complete embarrassment," said Todd Harbour, a resident on Soapstone Drive. "This is like a creeping obesity," he said of the problem. Harbour added that the neighbors are experiencing vandalism and illegal activity in the area. "We have robberies, two last week," said Harbour, commenting on the two robberies of a 7-Eleven store on Soapstone Drive.
Right. Because the recent spate of robberies have been a creeping obesity that have marred the comparatively svelt 7-11 and its plentiful supply of 92-ounce Super Big Gulps, Big Bite chili cheese dogs and whatnot. Fortunately, Fairfax County has, as they say in the movies, A Plan:
AS PART OF a solution to the problem of trucks, boats, motor homes and other vehicles parking along state-maintained roads, Fairfax County is considering implementing a Large Area Community Parking District (CPD) in Reston. The parking district would prohibit some, not all, of the vehicles that park on roads such as Soapstone from doing so. It would outlaw watercraft, motor homes, camper trailers and vehicles over 12,000 pounds from parking in the district, which would approximately match the tax district that supports the Reston Community Center. A community meeting on the issue was held at Langston Hughes Middle School on Thursday night, Oct. 30.

"Many parts of Reston are calling in" about problems similar to those on Soapstone Drive, said Merrily Pierce, a transportation liaison in Supervisor Catherine Hudgins’ (D-Hunter Mill) office. She said a significant concern in Reston is the parking of recreational vehicles on the sides of roads. Creating a CPD for Reston would at least start solving the problem, removing boats and vehicles that weigh over 12,000 pounds from the sides of the community’s roads, said Pierce.
Great. So people are happy, right?
It [a CPD] is not really going to affect what I and my neighbors have been complaining about for years," said Harbour. "CPD is not a solution to the problem we are raising," he said.
A public hearing is "likely to be scheduled" on Dec. 8. That plenty of time to move the trucks, boats, RVs and other eyesores to a place where they won't be noticed... like, say, Herndon.


  1. Who is Todd Harbor and when was he anointed spokesman for his community by anyone other than himself?

  2. Todd Harbour is a resident of the area affected apparently by excessive truck parking and crime (2 robberies). As a citizen, he certainly has a right to express his views, which frankly appear to be close to the mark. You do too.

    I live within a mile of the Soapstone area described and have observed the trucks, etc., parking there. Yet I don't think any kind of parking restrictions will limit crime at the Soapstone convenience center--apparently the same thing Todd is suggesting. Getting rid of the parking may end an eyesore and reduce the risk of auto/pedestrian accidents, but I doubt it will affect crime.


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