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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Metro Silver Line: Maybe They Should Call It The 'Subway to Nowhere'

If there's one thing we know about Mavericky John McCain, who's such a Maverick he's not going to win any Miss Congeniality contests in the Senate, it's that he hates earmarks. But it turns out that when he's not busy referring to his opponent as "that one" or threatening to bomb Spain or whatever, he's out to keep Metro's awesome Silver Line express to Dulles Airport, which will allow area residents to lose their dogs and/or children in record time, from ever happening.

Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) and Sen. John W. Warner (R-Va), both of whom are retiring, are appealing to their longtime colleague to publicly back the Metro expansion, which has a rocky history with Bush administration officials. This year, federal officials voiced concerns that nearly sank the project, the first phase of which would stretch through Tysons Corner. Federal officials have since given the project a series of approvals.

"It's the nation's subway," Davis said. "Hopefully, I can get the senator, when he comes back here, to commit."

McCain was also one of two dozen senators who voted last week against a bill that included Davis's proposal to authorize $1.5 billion in dedicated funding to Metro over 10 years. The provision was part of broader rail safety and Amtrak funding legislation.

A statement from the McCain campaign, however, targeted the Metro funding as well as Amtrak. "Senator McCain strongly objects to earmarks in the bill such as a $1.5 billion earmark for the Washington . . . Metro system and questions if this money is warranted above the needs that may exist among other mass transit systems in our country."
Yep, it's not at all like another highly publicized transportation project that would have linked yet another vibrant community with its airport.

Better keep clapping, folks.

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  1. Because who needs public transportation in a place where 5.3 million people live? I'm sure that $1.5 billion would be much better spent on a free trolley for Herndon or on some public buses for Wasilla.


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