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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

United at Dulles: Fly the Indifferent Skies

What on earth have the folks at United Airlines been smoking during those long layovers at Dulles Airport? First, they lose a dog, which escaped from a crate about to be loaded on a plane and ran into the woods surrounding the airport, and now, they almost lose a 10-year-old.

A Reston couple is furious after their daughter was allegedly lost at Dulles airport from a flight with her grandmother.

Ten-year-old Jenna Boyer had a button pinned to her shirt signifying she was an unaccompanied minor before boarding a plane from Boston to Dulles Sunday.

According to Jenna's parents, Jeffrey and Judy Boyer, United Airlines lost their daughter for nearly an hour at Dulles. The Boyers say per United policy, a United crew member was supposed to escort Jenna from her seat to the gate at Dulles, where she would be reunited with her mother. But Jenna says no one helped her.

Jenna says she followed other passengers to a tram and then to baggage claim where she started crying after realizing her mother was not there. That's when the Boyers say a stranger asked Jenna if she was lost then took her to an information desk. All the while, Judy Boyer was desperately searching for her daughter.
They should thank their lucky stars: At least Jenna was found. We've seen firsthand how helpful United is when it comes to finding lost animals.

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