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Monday, October 6, 2008

Flashback Monday: Land Before Time, or 74 Years Before the First HOA

Here is a map of the Reston area, ca. 1890. As you can see, there really was nothing where Reston is today -- not even the drunken village of Wiehle. Just the town of Herndon (where they were no doubt hurriedly drafting legislation to keep Yankees and Frenchmen from riding unicycles) and the hamlet of Hunter Mill, plus the hill where they’d someday plop the Reston International Center and a couple of streams which would be dammed to make Lake Anne, Lake Audobon, and Lake Thoreau. There were roads, but most of them don't match the ones we know today.

Of course, Reston had something then it still doesn’t have today -- working rail service. Keep clapping, kids!

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