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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meanwhile, in the other other Anti-Reston: Horse Sense

We've found yet another parallel universe Reston, along with the one with Loonie-sized hail and the one where they honored the Dark Lord with a street in his name. So what's happening in Reston, Berwickshire -- which we assume is somewhere in England, or Scotland, or maybe one of those more obscure, damp corners of the British Isles where men wear skirts and whatnot?

A HORSE sparked a huge rescue operation after falling into a six-foot deep septic tank.

Nineteen firemen were sent to retrieve 17-year-old Guinness after he plunged into the pit of raw sewage.

Andrew Morton, farmer at Sunnyside Farm, in Reston, Berwickshire, said: "We had to cut concrete and metal to get at him.

"The firemen did well rescuing him and hosing him down - he was stinking."
We're calling our travel agent today.

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