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Thursday, August 7, 2008

This Week in Crime: Unhappy Campers

Some creep assaulted an RA camp counselor near Brown's Chapel Park on Wednesday.

This morning, one of our Senior Counselors was assaulted in the "owl woods" which are located between our camp facility and Baron Cameron Ave. The staff member was alone. He did not sustain any serious injuries and chose to complete his normal work day.

No campers were involved in the incident. However, police were called, and they responded promptly. They are looking for a white male, approximately 6 feet tall in his 40s with shoulder length brown hair and scruffy facial hair. He was wearing black jeans, a white tank top, black croc style footwear, and a gray winter coat. He was also armed with a knife.

Because the safety of your children and our staff is our top priority, we wanted you to have this information. Use of the "owl woods" by camp has been indefinitely suspended. And, as always, your children will be within sight and sound of our staff at all times. The additional precautionary measures that were implemented immediately after the incident will remain in place indefinitely.
That's just great. Another run-of-the-mill Reston creep, and no one ever gets to have fun ever again. Happy summer, kids!

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