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Monday, July 14, 2008

Redistricting Fever: And for a few pennies more, he'll spellcheck the brief before sending it to the judge

So remember how FairfaxCAPS, the awesome school booster club which is suing Fairfax County Schools to force it to change the mascot of South Lakes High School from the Fightin' Bratz to the Saxons, hired a lawyer who was so impassioned about the rightness of their case that he threatened to drop it like a hot potato unless folks coughed up an additional $15,000 at the last minute, just days before the court date?

Yeah, that was awesome. Well, that day in court has come and gone, and after his rather Dickensian performance, their attorney is at it again:

After three hours of listening to the arguments, Judge Finch stated that his decision will be an important one, especially since it affects so many children. He added he will deliberate over the arguments and make a final ruling by late July. However, because the decision is so important, he is requiring each side to prepare an additional legal brief summarizing all the arguments. A strong, concise, and thoughtful brief is critical to our case. Unfortunately, this unexpected additional brief brings with it unexpected expenses.

We need to quickly raise enough funds to pay for the preparation of this brief. Without your generous financial support, we would not have made it to court. Please consider contributing from $100 to $500 to help us clear this last, unexpected hurdle.
Yeah, those legal-sized notepads and watermarked heavy-bond paper don't grow on trees. Oh, wait -- actually, they do.

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