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Friday, March 7, 2008

This Week in Crime: Catching up

Earlier this week, a Vienna woman was charged with murdering her husband at their home on Cromwell Road, which, as the Connection points out, "is one of those narrow, hilly country roads where big houses sit on large plots of land."

Winding its way between Vienna and Reston, Crowell Road's genteel manner was shattered in the middle-of-the-night hours early Monday morning when, Fairfax County Police said, 52-year-old Marysusan Giguere shot and killed her husband, Ronald.
That's a shame, but it's really not lurid enough for, say, a Dateline NBC spot.
On the 100-foot-long driveway leading to the Giguere home, a seething diatribe, rife with sexual allegations and accusations, was hand-painted in white paint.

Known throughout the community for caring for stray or injured animals, the Gigueres have large decorative stone dogs guarding their home. Fairfax County Animal Services removed seven dogs, two cats, two horses, several goats, and many pet birds from the home on Monday.
Much better.

Meanwhile, a Fairfax County jury handed down two death sentences for a 1988 double-murder on Hunters Mill Road near Reston.
A Fairfax County jury told Alfredo R. Prieto yesterday that he should die for killing a young couple on a field near Reston nearly two decades ago. There were no witnesses to the crime, but prosecutors believe Warren H. Fulton III was on his knees when Prieto shot him in the back. Then Prieto shot Fulton's girlfriend, Rachael A. Raver, and raped her as she lay dying.

Virginia will now contend with California to see which would be the first to get Prieto, 42, to the death chamber. In 1992, Prieto was convicted of raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl in Ontario, Calif., but his appeals could stretch nearly 10 more years. In Virginia, they could be exhausted in five.

The families of Fulton and Raver were in the courtroom yesterday to hear, at long last, the jury give its verdict: two death sentences. The victims were just 22 when their bodies were discovered Dec. 6, 1988, in a vacant lot along Hunter Mill Road.
And finally, should we be concerned about this comment from an earlier post about the fun New Year's eve fracas?
Its all about friendship. And if he had real friends, they wouldn't have snitched. ITS NOT OVER.

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