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Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Week in Crime: Because Everyone Loves New Year's Parties

Reston's traditional New Year's Eve festivities, which culminated in a mob attack and stabbing, have finally yielded a second arrest. So after wondering why 10 or 15 people might be hanging around in a parking lot in the middle of the night for nearly two months, we've finally figured out it was gang related. Turns out gang members are only human -- they want to ring in the New Year, too!

Police investigation revealed that the driver, rear passenger, and a female passenger had driven to Scotch Bonnet Court after attending a party in Loudoun County.

Investigation revealed that the residence of the party was the home of a gang member of the Ghost Town Crips," according to court documents.

The boyfriend -- a juvenile -- and a group of 10 to 15 men surrounded the victims' vehicle, according to Fairfax Police Department press releases. "I'm going to teach this man a lesson," the juvenile said, according to search warrants.

The juvenile assaulted the driver with his fists, according to search warrants filed in Fairfax County Circuit Court. A second individual assaulted the rear passenger, when the rear passenger attempted to help the driver. The second individual produced a large buck knife and stabbed the rear passenger several times in his back. As the victim driver drove away, both suspects fell out of the car and onto the ground, according to search warrants.

"A large amount of blood was found inside the victim's vehicle," according to search warrants.
To be fair, watching Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark always puts us into a rage, too. But we'll try stick to noisemakers and bad champagne.


  1. Yep. Why else would 10 or 15 people be milling around a parking lot at 2 in the morning? I think the police were just trying to be proactive until they finished their investigation. And also maybe trying to keep the somewhat obvious level of gang activity in the area under wraps.

    Not that this is just a Reston/Herndon thing -- they're pretty much everywhere now.

  2. Nice to see the article right next to the article about racists.
    Why do we pay this scum to live right next to us, again?

  3. Its all about friendship. And if he had real friends, they wouldn't have snitched. ITS NOT OVER.


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