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Thursday, November 1, 2007

The cost of mauve-colored beauty

The Reston Association's homeowner assessments are going up again, to a proposed level of $475 next year and $483 in 2009 from the current $437 assessment.

Why the increase? Apparently, for the R&R fund, which sounds like fun -- but, this being Reston, doesn't actually involve kegs and luau parties. Instead, it's all about bailing wire and chewing gum:

The increased assessments are being considered to build up RA's Repair and Replacement Fund, which had a balance of $4.2 million as of Aug. 31. The proposed assessments would add $200,000 to the fund over the next two years.

As it stands now, the R and R fund balance is not enough to handle projects that the RA will have to undertake in the coming years. “Looking forward, our facilities are getting older, and we know we're going to be drawing from that fund. Right now we don't have sufficient dollars,” Matthews said.

Among the projects on the table: Dredging Lake Audobon (dibs on whatever they find at the bottom!) and renovations to the Shadowood pool, which, it turns out, is Reston's least-visited pool.

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