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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is the rare opportunity to have... something landlording duties for two Lake Anne businesses (but not the successful one). Read this breathless, and nearly gramatically correct, Realtor copy:

This is the rare Opportunity to have the Commercial Condo in Lake Anne of Reston in VA. However, the condo sales for only Hair salon and jewerly shop. Total 3000SF BUT NOT includes restaurant (CAFE)(1200SF).
Does not include restaurant (CAFE). You cannot buy the restaurant (CAFE). Do not even look at the restaurant (CAFE). Funny, the last time I was at Lake Anne, I didn't see a place called "restaurant (CAFE)," though I think the au courant lowercase name with the winking tautological self-reference would go over as well as faux tapas. But there's more! (Just not the restaurant (CAFE).)
Profitable income with strong tenants. The current tenants are Hair salon and Jewerly repair shop. More info, please e-mail me. I will send the Rent roll.

Rent roll? Is that something like this?

Restonite: Six months behind web memes since 2007 (tm).

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