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Friday, October 12, 2007

Get thee to a distillery!

Saturday's Reston Homes Tour features, among other things, a South Lakes townhome once featured on a HGTV program (let's hope it's not this show), a "collector's world of antique tramp art" (whatever that means), a Town Center penthouse (hope it has a view of the Macaroni Grill!), two North Point homes, and a book signing by former White House chef Walter Scheib at the Linden Springs Manor House, better known as the ole' Virginia Gentleman distillery -- a name and a metier which were both apparently too undignified, too old-fashioned for the New Town (tm) of Reston. So now they're using the site to -- surprise! -- build more condos, a truly Restonian endeavor.

More details on the event are here.

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