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Friday, September 14, 2007

This week in crime

A fatal stabbing took place on Winterthur Drive in Reston yesterday. A family member was taken into custody.

Two men were arrested by police following a sexual assault near Glade Drive last Saturday.

Police were also involved in a shooting on Sunrise Valley Road earlier this week, shooting a 26-year-old involved in a single-car accident "multiple times." We weren't going to mention this here, as contrary to initial news reports, the shooting happened in Herndon, not Reston, but the Connection Newspapers article included this somewhat odd comment:

First Lieutenant Andy Hill, FCPD Reston station assistant commander, said it was not officers from the Reston station who were involved in the incident. He said the crash took place in the jurisdiction of the Fair Oaks district station, just across the boundary from Reston station’s area of operation.

In other news, no parrots were injured today in a crash on the A356...

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