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Monday, September 17, 2007

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Reston: Dept. of Obvious Consequences

Turns out shutting down the day laborer center didn't make all those swarthy types shuffling around Herndon magically disappear to Panama. Instead, they've moved to an open-air location at a public park near downtown in hopes of continuing to make a living for their families. Who'd have thunk it? As one sharp-witted local passerby pointed out:

They will be here every day? This is what the town didn't want to happen."

Fortunately, the once-jammed 7-11 parking lot that initially sparked the entire controversy has remained clear, giving Herndonians unfettered access to their precious bodily fluids (chemical breakdown: 73.7% Super Big Gulp, 26.3% Banana Slurpee).

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  1. If you drive into Herndon on West Ox Road from Loudoun County, you'll see a flashing electronic message sign reading "Day Labor Center CLOSED." Guess they're driving to discourage folks from Ashburn from trolling for folks to hang drywall in their particleboard houses.


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