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Monday, January 22, 2024

Casinopocalyse Nearby: RA Declares Victory in Casino Shift To Tysons, Bill Opponents Slide Into Our DMs (Updated)

ZOMG, throw in a couple of floormats and an extended warranty, because as the bill that would create a fun floating casino atop an abandoned car lot in the county's Emerald City wends its way through Virginia's General Assembly, it appears that Reston is really, probably, maybe officially out of consideration. At least the Reston Association is declaring victory in terms of getting the casino out of our backyards:

Senate Bill 675 was officially introduced by Senator David Marsden, and that as a direct result of our advocacy, he intends to exclude Reston as a possible location for a future casino. This is due significantly to the outreach from RA and its membership, and we thank Senator Marsden for meeting with us, listening to the concerns of our community and taking act on that addresses those concerns. We are confident that Senator Marsden will continue to work with us to ensure Reston is not an option in the bill.

This comes as our BFFs at Patch quantify just how much Comstock has donated to our legislature's casino backers: $51,000 to the Senate subcommittee which will determine the bill's fate. That's cheaper than trying to buy a seat on the county board of supervisors, but not when you consider the $637,000 casino backers have contributed to date.

This bit of news did Not Amuse our county supervisor, Walter Acorn, who writes:

There has been some excellent coverage in the local media including the Patch story this morning disclosing various attempts to grease the skids in Richmond. Such news reinforces my opposition to a casino along the Silver Line. 

Meanwhile, we got this Hot Text on our cellular telephone:

When we were warned about people sliding into our DMs, as the kids might have said a few years ago, this is not what we had in mind! The link sends you to a petition site that lets you send a message to state and county lawmakers, all while you watch video of some sweeeeeeeeet gridlocked traffic crawl by in the background. Advocacy has never been more hypnotic! 

Although last week, we saw an even more Northern Virginia reason for opposing the casino:

**National Security Threat: **  

Fairfax County and surrounding areas have a high concentration of personnel employed by the intelligence community. Gambling debt is a key way that other countries could potentially compromise our national security.

Just keep your neighbor who says he works "for the government" away from the penny slots, the end.

Update: On Tuesday, a House subcommittee voted a 4-4 tie on the fun casino legislation, and the vote is going to the full committee on Wednesday. If you want to take a fun bus ride to Richmond, click here

Hunter Mill Supervisor Walter Alcorn weighs in:

I know of at least one group of concerned residents that are meeting at the Hartke Office Building parking lot, 11890 Sunrise Valley Drive, 11 a.m. tomorrow (Jan. 24) to bus and carpool to Richmond on this topic (for more information contact It should also be possible to testify remotely tomorrow, see the senate virtual participation policy. Follow the instructions, including signing up at least a half hour before the committee meeting begins  likely early afternoon.

If you cannot attend personally or virtually, emails are also an option. Here is a link to the committee which lists all members – click on each member to get their email address. Here’s my letter I sent Senator Marsden and committee members earlier this evening. If you care about this issue like I do, please make your voice heard!

Update to the Update: After a 10-4 vote Wednesday, the bill is going to the full Senate finance committee, which could kill it or advance it to the full senate. If the bill passes, Fairfax county residents would get their own vote in a referendum before the fun floating casino could be built. 

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  1. As a teacher, my life fills like it's filled with more random events and threats than a rigged Roulette wheel.

    (Really, folks. Be a better parent to your kids. I'm tired of being cussed out and threatened by your FERAL kids.)


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