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Monday, February 6, 2023

Meanwhile, in Tysons Corner....

 ...things appear to be getting weird, at least from the window of our E-ticket ride from D.C. to Ashburn (wherever that is):

A mall, a bunch of unimaginative greyscale office buildings and parking garages, and a grossly underutilized bus/cyclorama station for a veneer of "walkable urbanism." Looks like "America's Next Great City" (tm)!!

But wait. Computer, enhance:


That whole Emerald City thing is starting to make sense, the end.


  1. The Department of Motor Vehicles’s new obstacle course for stoned Gen Z drivers.

  2. Look closely, it seems that you captured a UAP flying above the Tyson's area. Maybe we can get some F-22's scrambled to shoot it down. Tyson's might become the next Rosswell!


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