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Monday, April 13, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week 4 (Updated 4/13)

Just the DRB, doing not DRB-like things:

In a pandemic, every color is russet brown.

A not-so-great milestone: Fairfax County reported its 1,000th COVID-19 case over the weekend. Nineteen deaths countywide.

Google has been tracking changes in people's movement by county. Fairfax County's results are both surprising and not surprising.

Here's a more detailed report. Where has activity increased? Parks, where traffic shot up in mid-March before dropping after they were gated off and closed.

Founder's Day was, not surprisingly, canceled. The Reston Museum has a list of ways to celebrate at home.

Why is the police helicopter circling, Saturday night edition:

Keep teasing us, Twitter. Keep teasing us!

Tysons on Easter Sunday. Wait, why was it open?

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