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Monday, March 30, 2020

Reston's Plague Year: Week Two (Updated 4/3)

Another day, more gang code in Reston's underpasses. Courtesy of Confidential Restonian Operative "Joel," who wanted to make it clear these photos were taken "while walking our dog (allowed per Virginia Executive Order 55, paragraph 1b, taking care of animals, and 1e, engaging in outdoor activity)":

The last one's a bit hard to read, but says "At-home quarantinis: lime+tequila+PJs / champagne+grapefruit juice+jammies."

From a now-deleted tweet of a Reston grocery store delivery:

We would not have written “hoard seltzer water” on our Pandemic Bingo Card, but of course we have no paper products to write on anyway.

Consecutive signs seen on Baron Cameron:

Sorry, no Burma Shave at the end.


The Walker Nature Center's pandemic Twitter game remains strong:

A bittersweet throwback from South Lakes HS:

A message of hope or secret gang code in Reston's pedestrian tunnels? You make the call.

The Reston tennis community isn't thrilled with the RA's decision to padlock its outdoor tennis courts. Beau Lendman writes:

With so few exercise options available that comply with COVID-19 safety restrictions, there is vital significance to maintaining access to RA’s tennis facilities for use by member tennis players.

I understand that recent misuse of RA tennis facilities, possibly by non-members or others, is the main basis for the closure decision. However, this simplistic solution of total closure is not the only option. Other measures could be introduced that would involve the significant Reston tennis community to control and monitor court access and use. Many of us have the free time available and interest to provide such support if it would facilitate the reopening of our tennis facilities. Let’s take this opportunity to be creative, engage with local stakeholders and come up with other solutions that will address all legitimate concerns without facility closures.

We are being called on to make meaningful sacrifices in nearly every aspect of our lives. If there’s an opportunity to preserve a safe recreational activity such as tennis, we should be making every effort to do so.

Reston-based Nova Labs is 3-D printing face shields for medical staff:

RA reschedules its annual meeting to April 30, when it will be held online. We'll have to wait on the results of the RA election until then.

The Hunters Woods at Trails Edge retirement community in South Reston came up with a novel approach for a socially distant happy hours.

So much for tennis and tot lots:

Apparently folks at the Midtown condos in Reston Town Center are doing the nightly applause for first responders.

While some of us stay home, others take social distancing to new heights:

Kalypso's is the latest in closed restaurants to launch a GoFundMe for its employees. (See other Reston fundraisers for idled staff near the bottom of this earlier post.)

Add the Herndon Festival to the long list of canceled events. On the bright side, if you had jury duty through April 17, it's probably canceled.

Good news and bad news for those looking for toilet paper:

A message from Fairfax County, echoing the governor's stay-at-home order:

Meanwhile, the cranes in Reston keep moving. Some people ask if that’s okay.

This week is the Virginia is for lovers takeout restaurant week. Lots of good options out there.

A message from RCC Center Stage: "Even though we have canceled all performances in April and May, we know artists will return. Art will again be made here. Audiences will return." Videos from canceled performers at the link.

Beware coronavirus scams.

A message of solidarity from the W&OD trail, via (shudder) Nextdoor:

Gov. Ralph Northam will discuss a major announcement about Virginia's COVID-19 response at 2pm Monday.

The Reston Association extends its assessment payment deadline to April 30. It's still the last week to vote in the RA board elections.

Say goodbye to the purple glass recycling bin at the Reston South Park and Ride, among other county locations and changes to trash and recycling pickup. You can take your glass bottles to the I-66 transfer station, or just put them in the trash.


VDOT is taking advantage of the light traffic that, you know, a pandemic causes:

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