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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Meanwhile, in the Anti-Anti Reston: Woodstock 50's Loss Could Be Our Gain

Shocking news today from our pagan doppelgänger in Maryland. After the Woodstock 50 festival moved from Max Yasgur's farm upstate New York to Columbia's Merriweather Post Pavilion, presumably because it was muddy enough and difficult enough to get to to replicate the original experience, it was abruptly canceled today.

Besides the mud and impossible parking, Columbia made sense as an alternate venue for a celebration of all things hippie. With Tolkien-like street names like "Leaf Reader Way" and "Crazy Quilt Court," it fits the freewheeling late 60s mindset to a T, though they might have wanted to overlook its satanic undercurrents. But Reston was built at the same time, with the same idealistic hippie underpinnings (primarily living in townhouses that weren't in towns, but still). People in the other Anti-Reston certainly thought we were a bunch of "crackpots". And while "Temporary Road" doesn't have the same Age of Aquarius feel as "Dark Fire Way" or "Bright Edge Path", we've got it all!

As our favorite correspondent, the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, points out, we have culture! Art! Americana! Confounding public statuary! And, in keeping with the antidisestablishmentarian nature of Woodstock, this anthemic musical tribute!

So we'll throw out this public invitation to the organizers of Woodstock 50: Come to another epicenter of 1960s history! We can even get you the residents' discount on a top-notch events facility, so long as you can promise things will be quiet enough to not disturb the neighbors. In return, alls we, your humble "web loggers," want is a simple thing: to get on the PA system at one point and say, "the Dulles Toll Road is closed, man!"

🎵 Signs, signs, everywhere signs... 🎵

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