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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Finally, Something More Annoying at RTC Than Paid Parking (Updated)

Please to be enjoying this Twitter cellular telephone video of a relaxing visit to Reston Town Center by someone called "plainpotatoess." Mr. Potatoess recently visited our ersatz urban core, charming midscale dining patrons with a unique blend of what he calls "cringy ass" comedy, which as close as we can tell involves telling people they resemble mid-tier celebrities or mocking their clothing.

Check it, as the kids haven't said in at least a couple of decades, but keep in mind this video is definitely NSFMRC (Not Safe for Midscale Retail Centers):

This video, which has garnered more than 32,000 "likes" on Twitter, actually managed to do something even more unthinkable. It actually made us feel sorry for RTC's elite parking squad, who are unsurprisingly called in to tell him to stop filming, the end.

Update: Mr. Potatoess deleted the video from Twitter. Here's a good guess why:

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