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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Once Again, Reston Goes Viral on Video, Once Again For All The Wrong Reasons

Man oh man, we love us some viral videos, and for the second year running, Reston doesn't disappoint. Unfortunately, for the second year running, it's not exactly a good viral video that's put our plastic fantastic planned community on the map yet again:

To be fair, the person in the video hasn't worked for the Reston Association for several years, the organization said in a statement posted on its home page. And until we build the Big Beautiful Earth-Toned Wall to keep undesirables from, say, shopping at Trader Joe's, we can't take responsibility for every bit of unpleasantness that happens in our community. But come on, folks! Doesn't anyone who lives in Reston have a video of a cat or dog who Thinks They're People?

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