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Friday, February 17, 2017

On the YouTubes: Fancy Moving Pictures Of RA Board Candidates

Since we last wrote about the (for once) v. v. exciting Reston Association Board of Directors election, which featured contested races for all four open seats on the board, three candidates -- Don Wright, Hank Schonzeit and Kevin Witt -- have withdrawn. That means the apartment owners seat on the board is now uncontested, with David Bobzien the remaining candidate assured to receive an appropriately Soviet 99.9 percent of the vote. But the remaining three seats up for grabs still have multiple candidates. Not bad!

Suffice it to say, there's been more than a soupcon of dissatisfaction with the current board due in large part of our leaky new Lake House, which has culminated in online grumbling about a recall and, more recently, a formal conflict of interest complaint against one board member. We still think this is a thankless job, one for which we should be thankful there are (in most cases) multiple candidates gluttons for punishment willing to volunteer. But instead of tweeting Sad! or writing unflattering comments on Internet message boards and filthy "web logs," you could conceivably plan on voting for some of the remaining candidates so they can get a mandate of more than 20 percent of eligible households. Thanks to the magic of the Internets, you can see "moving pictures" of the remaining candidates below:

Six candidates are still on the slate for the one at-large seat all Restonians will might, if they get around to finding the ballot, vote for:

Two candidates are running for the Hunters Woods/Dogwood seat:

Another two are running for the North Point seat, or "the 20194," as the kids don't call it:

And below is David Bobzien, the now-unopposed candidate for the Glorious Supreme Soviet apartment owners seat:

Several candidate forums also have been announced. So you've been warned: if the next RA Board decides to buy the pulverized concrete rubble of the API headquarters building to build a boccedrome surrounded by acres of paid parking requiring a confusing smartphone app and an association-issued photo ID and you didn't vote, you have no one to blame but.. well, the RA probably. But yourself as well, the end.

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  1. Apartment Owner's representative? Apartments are rentals; condominiums are owner occupied. An "Apartment Owner's representative" implies that the job is for the slum lord, not the slum serf.

    What's next? A few seats on the board for Comstock and Venutto?


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