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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Holidays: Three Grinchy Developments To Separate Restonians From Their Money in 2017

GrinchHow's your holiday season going so far? Unless you wanted to run an Airbnb or ride the Silver Line, hopefully okay! Just don't overdo it on the conspicuous consumption, because three recent developments hint at more money leaving our earth-toned wallets, purses, or other appropriate conveyances in 2017:

• Our BFFs at Reston2020 inform us that the machinations to create the Very Special Tax District to (eventually) fund solutions to the (present-day) congestion created by all the wacky bollardy development is proceeding apace to its inevitable conclusion. Give us some infuriating blockquote, BFFs at R2020:

In its planned presentation to the Board of Supervisors acting as the "Board Transportation Committee" this Tuesday, December 13, FCDOT will recommend that the Board adopt Option #12, a Transportation Service District (TSD) for Reston's station areas with a tax rate of $0.021/$100 valuation. This tax will apply to all property owners in the station areas, including residents.

Although the initial tax rate would be set at $0.021/$100 valuation, there is absolutely no restriction on the Board raising that rate (just like property tax rates) as transportation improvement costs rise. Moreover, as assessed property rates rise, the cost to residents will increase with appreciation. (Note: As we documented just last month, early estimates of major roadway improvement costs routinely double and triple in a very short period of time.)

Despite FCDOT's assertion of broad endorsement of this tax, no community representative from the Metro station areas has served on the Reston Network Analysis Group (RNAG). The only Restonian who lives in these areas serving on the RNAG is a stakeholder representative who is a paid representative of Boston Properties as Executive Director of the Reston Town Center Association. This is truly taxation without representation.

The county Board of Supervisors still has to approve the Very Special Tax District, but they can do so whenever they choose. Right now, the tentative date for a public hearing would be in February.

• After a spot of negative PR and some elite crisis management, our favorite fake downtown "lifestyle center and office hub" is instituting its fun, app-based paid parking system on January 3. Hope you get one of those sweet, whazzitcalled, smartphones for Christmas, before you have to pay to go to the RTC Apple Store to pick one up!

• Oh, and we almost forgot: The annual RA assessment is going up to $698 in 2017 -- that's a $41 increase, or, in terms we all can understand, the equivalent of 20.5 trips to our elite lifestyle center and office hub. Happy holidays!


  1. Deep in the Heart of TaxesDecember 13, 2016 at 5:21 PM

    Well, as for item #1, never fear, Cathy Hudgins has our back. Oh, wait...

  2. $41 huh? Can't we say lake house?

  3. We dine tonight at Mokomandy, not Passion Fish. Not going to RTC.

  4. Peasant From Less Sought After South RestonDecember 14, 2016 at 10:02 PM

    Anybody up for a Boston (Properties) Tea Party on January 3? Dump some invasive species into the fountain while dressed up as Bob Simon?

  5. Reston residents already pay a ridiculous "special tax" that was enacted back in the 70's to pay for construction of the Toll Road. It was supposed to go away once paid for, but of course once enacted they kept it in place. We now have the honor of being the only place in FairCo that has to pay for their rec center -- as all the money from the special tax now goes to support RCC. So now the powers that be want to sock us with another tax, so that we have the privilege of being the only place in the DC area that pays for metro construction, and it's not even for us, because the metro already comes here. We should kick Cathy Hudgins out of office.


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