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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Raise The Titanic, Or Whatever Landed In Lake Anne

Now that we know that no one was seriously hurt in this legitimately terrifying one-car crash into Lake Anne yesterday afternoon, thanks in no small part to a bystander jumping into the water to help the passengers, we have two options for this one:

1) Wow, the things people will do to avoid paying for parking at RTC, or

2) After the latest in what seem like near-weekly serious accidents along this stretch of Wiehle Avenue, which have only been exacerbated by the exponential increase in speeding cut-through commuters since the Metro station opened, maybe it's time for someone to actually, you know, do something about this.

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  1. Southbound Wiehle at Inlet has a substantial bump in the right lane. This is due to high camber on Inlet meeting high camber on Wiehle. It does throw your car if you hit it at speed.

    I can see an inept (or snockered) driver over-compensating for the change in direction. Stll, he must have been goin'a-hellin' to have enough momentum to plow through the trees and into the lake.

    I fear our liberal overlords will "traffic calm" Wiehle down to one lane. Then all traffic will stack up behind DUIs and undocumented aliens going 5 MPH under the limit 'cause they can't afford a traffic-stop.


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