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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just In Time For July 4, The Reston Used Car Deal of the Century

Car Corner

Don't let all those "transit-oriented development" ninnies tell you that you won't need a car in the Reston of tomorrow. This sweeeet ride, available for the viewing by commuters returning home to our earth-toned nirvana by way of Rt. 7 and Baron Cameron, could be yours for the taking. Imagine the message you'd send about the unintended consequences of suburban urbanization as you enjoy the al fresco motoring experience whilst sitting in traffic trying to cross the Toll Road during rush hour. Its top speed of approximately 7 mph is, frankly, probably a bit too fast for our rapidly approaching world of what's euphemistically called "level of service" by VDOT. One word of warning, though: the wide wheelbase and that weird hook thingy sticking out of the back would make it nearly impossible to pick up your overall-clad spouse at the subterranean Wiehle Metro Kiss-n-Ride without taking out a Ford Focus or two going around the corners, the end.

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